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26 August 2010 @ 04:24 pm
Just Checking in...  
Alot of the claims haven't been touched since they were claimed (some of them back in April!) If you'd like to keep your claim, please comment here to let us know and if you'd like to drop it, please let us know! It just keeps things simpler for us at tapout100 as well as opens up new possibilities for other members!

★ ★ ★   W R E S T L E R S   ★ ★ ★

AJ Styles - khylara
Chris Jericho - sweetrapture82
Christian - - direradiance
CM Punk - bloodxfreaks
Cody Rhodes - scoobyatemysnax
Evan Bourne - glamnation
Delirious - taiga_star
Matt Hardy - turnyourway
Mike "The Miz" Mizanin - palkki
Shawn Michaels - slipp_up

★ ★ ★   D I V A S     &     K N O C K O U T S   ★ ★ ★

Beth Phoenix - glamnation
Brooke Adams - kora_flair
Eve Torres - sweetrapture82
Kelly Kelly - kora_flair
Maryse Ouellet - glamnation
Michelle McCool - xwishingforrain
So Cal Val - xwishingforrain
Velvet Sky - lilmspayne
Vickie Guerrero - flowerbombed

★ ★ ★   T A G - T E A M S   ★ ★ ★

Edge & Christian - acagedheart
Triple H & HBK - sungmins_wifey

★ ★ ★   S T A B L E S   ★ ★ ★
Laycool - em0heart_xo
Nick.  ♥: matt - dream until your dream comes trueturnyourway on August 26th, 2010 09:24 pm (UTC)
I'm still working on the last 50 of my Matt Hardy claim! Sorry it's taken so long, work is consuming my life :(
Kora Flairkora_flair on August 26th, 2010 11:52 pm (UTC)
You're good, I was more referring to the people that claimed back in the beginning of April! (:
bepsi queen (◡‿◡✿): beauty beyond wordsscoobyatemysnax on August 26th, 2010 09:40 pm (UTC)
im not sure noony will do cm punk, she said shes getting a graphics break because of school so..i think so ?_?

and im working on cody ones, rl has been crazy though. will do them soon, promise ;)
Kora Flairkora_flair on August 26th, 2010 11:53 pm (UTC)
thats completely fine, we'll leave your claim up (:
khylara: AJ/Chris - In the armskhylara on August 27th, 2010 12:15 am (UTC)
I'd like to keep AJ - I'm about done. Time got away from me :(
Alyssa ♥slipp_up on August 27th, 2010 06:34 pm (UTC)
You can take mine off.
I'm not interested in wrestling atm. :/
Kora Flairkora_flair on August 30th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
okay! thanks for letting us know
Alex: StraightEdgeSociety- 1 Nation Under Punkgoodgollygopher on August 27th, 2010 08:08 pm (UTC)
I put in a claim for the Straight Edge Society, but it never got put up- I'd still like to do it, though, if that's alright! &hearts
Alex: CM Punk --? O Rly?goodgollygopher on August 27th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC)
Also, is it alright if I've uploaded one or two icons from my claim to my userpics for personal use before I post them? I already did that with one of them, haha.
Kora Flairkora_flair on August 30th, 2010 02:15 am (UTC)
thats okay
bepsi queen (◡‿◡✿)scoobyatemysnax on September 5th, 2010 08:09 pm (UTC)
omg im really sorry but i wont be able to do codys icons :( i know i said i would but now with school starting i doubt i'll have much time for graphics D:
tapout100_mods on October 12th, 2010 09:59 am (UTC)
It's all good. Thanks honey. I'll delete him off and you can pick him up when you have time. <3
lilmspaynelilmspayne on September 6th, 2010 03:15 pm (UTC)
oops, I'm still working on this but it's slow going. keep my claim up please :)
tapout100_mods on October 12th, 2010 10:00 am (UTC)
That's fine! :)